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Below you will find the staff of our laboratory. The Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry and Applied Ecochemistry is a research group of the Department of Applied Analytical and Physical Chemistry. The entire staff of the department is listed here.

Tenured Academic Staff

  • Prof. Filip Tack, professor, head of the department
  • Prof. Gijs Du Laing, professor

Visiting Professor

  • Prof. Erik Meers, guest lecturer

Assisting Academic Staff

  • ir. Celine Vaneeckhaute, assistant
  • ir. Karel Folens, assistant

Scientific Staff

  • Dr. ir. Evi Michels, researcher
  • ir. Frederik Van Koetsem
  • ir. Sofie De Moor
  • Ivona Sigurnjak
  • ir. Ellen Dolmans
  • Hannele Auvinen

Technical and administrative staff

  • Maja Simpraga, coordinator of the Imete programme
  • Ria Van Hulle, head of the laboratory
  • Ann Mils, secretariat
  • Roseline Blanckaert, technician
  • David Lybaert, technician
  • Katty Sabo, technician
  • Joachim Neri, technician

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Clear 2014 Conference

October 5-8th, 2014, Chuncheon, Korea

The International Conference on Contaminated Land, Ecological Assessment and Remediation (CLEAR) provides a platform for interaction between scientists, consultants and policy makers, who are responsible for improving our environment in order to cope with the rapid industrial development. More information.